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Introduction of the Masters

Master Liang Jia Ming (Master Liang) Born and raised in Foshan, nurtured from childhood by a good wind Foshan martial arts, his childhood love of martial arts, the honor worship into Foshan Ip Man Wing Chun successor - Grandmaster Master Jia Lun subglottic apprenticeship for several years, and to assist master Jia Lun teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu more than ten years, has accumulated rich experience in teaching. Over the years, Mr. teaching and learning, and gradually worked out a set of mature teaching model, favored by foreign Wing Chun enthusiasts.

Master Mai Teng Long ( Master Mai ), born in 1970, name (Chan Wu Holy Man) from immature love Chinese traditional culture, calligraphy, martial arts, Zhouyi, buddhism. Effects of Master Mai by Madam Xian Shangwu culture, martial arts since childhood in the folk. 16 years old started learning Wing Chun Kung Fu in Foshan, because of his kung fu skills, understand the internal martial arts, and passion, in order to better study martial arts, and later learn Cai LIFO fist, thanks to master learning Muay Thai martial art, Is the loyal Bruce Lee fan of Kung Fu.

1991 start Wu in Foshan Science work, tens of thousands of people in the martial arts training courses, students around the world, students also participate in the martial arts competition, excellent product award. 1996 Foshan Tenglong boxing hall established comprehensive. 1996 -Present: Teaching while continuing his practices and studies of international work.

Degrees, Certificates, Awards, and Memberships

  • The world's champion of south boxing
  • 75KG international kickboxing champion
  • The International Wushu  all-around champion
  • The International Wushu Federation martial arts 9
  • Chinese National Wushu Championship
  • The world of Kung Fu Heroes founder
  • Kickboxing dragon and tiger II founder
  • Tenglong(Dragon) Wushu sports club founder
  • The president of the world Kungfu Foshan Heroes
  • International Tenglong(Dragon) Wushu Sports Association chairman and general manager
  • Venezuela Chinese Wushu Association lion, martial arts, Martial Arts Coach
  • China Guangzhou Sanda coach Cai Lifo always

Master Zhang was born in 1981. Since childhood valetudinarianism, in order to better exercise the body, At the age of 8, he started basic physical training in Wushu, and at 12 he studied Shaolin Wushu for 2 years. As a result of his increasing skill in Gongfu, understanding of internal martial arts, in 1997, he began to learn Tai Chi. Master Zhang is the Memberships of The national intangible cultural heritage ( Tai Chi Fist ) heir. Master Zhang is low-key, never accept any form of interview. As more and more people from all over the world has accepted China Kung Fu, through the movement to improve health and health became popular all over the world. Foreigners are more and more aware of the famous taijiquan. In 2009, Master Zhang began to teach foreign students Taijiquan, over the years, he has been devoted to study and improve foreign language learning to communicate with his English better.


1989--1992, Various training throughout China with masters of traditional martial arts. 1993--1995 Training in Shaolin kungfu. 1997--2009 Visiting Chinese Tai Chi Master Learning Tai Chi. 2009--Present Professor Tai Chi and international work.


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