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    Yip Man(October 1, 1893.-December 1, 1972), Formerly known as Ye Jiwen ,the Guangdong Foshan's rich kids. From the family strict Confucian education.. Yip Man  made the first World Record Association World Wing Chun Small Boxing. The native of Nanhai Luocun Lianxing Tantou Village, His father is for avoiding the "Red Army" of chaos, when he moved to Foshan SangYan living .  At the age of seven, he was in Chen Huashun under the doo(Chen Huashun, Liang Zan to the South China Sea at the proud disciple, before entry to money exchange industry, called to find money China). When Chen Huashun advanced in age, and leaf age difference of forty years of, The Yip Man in Huagong match, and Chen Huashun is very fond of young disciples, Since the receipt of Yip Man for acts, will no longer accept any person whom science technology, Yip Man as Chen Huashun closed the door disciple, The older brother as Wu Zhongsu, Chen Rumian, Lei Ruqi, the younger brother, is a plus for care. Hua Gong died, Yip Man with brother Wu Zhongsu on boxing. To the Yip Man  sixteen years old, from Foshan, the Hong Kong School, studying at St. Stephen's college, With the Liang Bi (Liangzan‘s son learn kungfu). In 1950 he went to Hongkong, the Hong Kong hotel staff always taught Wing Chun to spring into fame. Become a real Kung Fu Liangcai, great martial arts. The most famous of the disciple is to let Chinese martial arts world famous martial arts superstar Bruce Lee.

    At the age of seventy, Yip Man, the skill is not inferior to the young age, in the Hongkong gangland robbery wind height, therefore leaves often at night around the maintenance of regional security, once to see the rogue robbers knife with intent to rob passers-by, often saw the shadow show, Yip Man with blast type kick kick rogue, instant robbers were kicked out of ten feet away cannot fall to the ground. Hongkong Lida street has thus become the only place of peace. IP man has so many times by the Hongkong government commend, "good citizens" title.

    Master Yip Man died in Hongkong in December 1, 1972. Wing Chun master, the spirit will live forever, admiration for the people of later generations.


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