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Siu Nim Tao

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 The Siu Nim Tao


   Siu Nim Tao is the first set of Wing Chun Kung Fu,The movement style is not much, but it moves and techniques from the most basic Wingchun boxing and Siu Nim Tao, practice the movements in combination, can in order to lay a solid foundation for learning. In "Siu Nim Tao" as the Wing Chun brand first fist said do not have meaning. As a beginner of enlightenment, teaching will be warned by the tone of the said: "Siu Nim Tao is not correct, lifelong not positive; martial arts such as life is, as is." -- simple; because the Siu Nim Tao contains a variety of basic movements, wing chun boxing, two days before the myriads of changes moves, all rely on such action; if the practice even the basic boxing training does not good, the bad will not be short of.


    Siu Nim Tao has a characteristic -- Practice from first to last don't move a step. Therefore, exercise Siu Nim Tao technique, equal to the exercise of skill and footwall; this is a Siu Nim Tao can be practiced without like other sects, like to practice good Zama to study primitive fist. Wing Chun "leveraging Qiao playing". Therefore, practicing Wing Chun must pay attention to the following stages: first understand the "residents of a community," to "discharge"; in the unloading force, Party School "leveraging". If only "to win", weak enemy Curzon, met the enemy will be defeated. Only residents of a community before training "to win" of the law; so, the enemy forces is secondary. In the unloading force, the enemy forces again big, also hard on me; then we can borrow each other efforts to attack each other.

    Exercise Siu Nim Tao must relax the body, including the shoulder, wrist, elbow, chest and abdomen, shoulders down, two knee inward claws. Beginners, set of boxing can practice with slower speed, especially the "a pool of three hand", should be the most slow speed to practice. After the set of boxing familiar, it will be faster. Pay attention to the upper part of the body can not be uncertain, buried elbow, hit the line, not fast, but the correct posture. For future study found the bridge, refers Chi, hands, their practices are composed of Siu Nim Tao change, together with a horse. The beginner must persevere, to lay a good foundation for.


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