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Biu Tze

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The Biu Tze

  Biu Tze is Wing Chun boxing intermediate Avenue Road, pass it on to pick up the Siu Nim Tao in the basic offensive and defensive tactics, different movements alternately combined action combined with horse and left and right hands, give full play to Bu, waist, bridge force, routine movements are close to play, and in the distance, the long-range attacks. "Biu Tze" is Zen "s finger", must pass through the finger at the moon, is people to look ahead. It is played and beaten Dialectics


  Biu Tze the practice should pay attention to play and relax, strength and flexibility, such as rattan, spring, seems to be light and soft, but strong aggressive.


 (1) using the lattice bottom hand to counterbalance the bridge to use, for example by underground force from below the Biu Tze hand.


 (2) being siege, not Chum Kiu chase, but after the hand (catch hand), hold hands to stop the hands of people.


 (3) without Chum Kiu usually does not hit the bottom elbow elbow (like the Japanese Kendo beheaded at bottom to pause in a position not to do), standard to hit.


 (4) can't play straight at different angles, to play the arc blow, he straight.


 (5) with both retaining the other attack (ask, for example in hand) weapon attack to protect the head key.


  Biu Tze is a senior wing chun boxing routines, methods of attack is to refer to, palm, elbow, (in fact, Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu also like to refer to, palm as the main methods of attack, boxing is the second, you can see three set of boxing, count the number of punches and finger, palm the number, "said not virtual). The only method is ploughing feet or walk, also includes one wingchun boxing three type of hook, twelve elbow - Freud elbow. After the complete set of routines should be familiar with the fastest speed, fast and can produce more power. Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu assuming the enemy and his strength comparable to, and refers to himself and the enemy is assumed overmatched against heavy odds, circumstances, how to most quickly and most direct way to defeat the enemy, in order to escape, so the standard refers to the moves are to disappear, the risk to win, but quick. Learning Biu Tze requires learners to find the bridge has deep roots and understanding, or you may get into trouble through clever means.


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