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Wing Chun Qi Gong

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A Brief Introduction To Wing Chun Qi Gong

   Mention of Qigong  practice, people immediately think of intended to keep the pubic region and through the size of Zhou Tianzhu flow. Qigong and mysterious, unknown information related to. However, the Wing Chun Qigong is a simple and effective.

  Qi Guiyan power law, is the Wing Chun Health Qigong. It consists of contemporary Wing Chun sincere door master  Mr Cen Neng,according to the basic principle of Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise", combined with the practice and originality.

  Qigong practitioners, is using the special shape and loose static method on the human body the viscera and meridians and acupoints, with the aid of material element space, strengthen the function of the human body by means of "breathing" or "guide", a means of promoting the circulation of Qi and blood, Qi and blood to maintain prosperity, has long been practiced for thousands of years, the traditional fitness method with Chinese characteristics and effective.

  Qi Guiyan Qigong advocating natural. In the power law is the natural breath, not other Qigong breathing that depressed for abdominal slow, fine, leisurely, long, also need not cling to pubic region. This technique can open up all the main and collateral channels and viscera, work fast, quick speed, God, gas, body three is that the human spirit, body and breath are effectively combined, through the loop progressive, persevere and earnest practice, thus make the viscera, meridians, twelve meridians, recuperate adequately, thus health to keep fit, to prevent and cure diseases, against premature aging, prolong life.

  Qi Guiyan power law is closing law of Wing Chun Kung Fu. In each set of boxing finish practicing wingtsun (such as small idea, looking for a bridge, standard means etc.) and power law (the mook jong, crouching tiger, red sand hand), are required to practice Qi Guiyan power, to the exercise ability into the body, for the reservoir, the so-called power law is also. Therefore, Wing Chun with people must be aware of, can not practice.


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