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Actual Competition

Wing Chun actual competition caused by basic and usage profile

  Wing Chun "hand skill of fast describe no feet."

1 clap straight: a relative to right arrow horse and B, B progress straight fist attack a head, a left ring stepper horse, while the left hand, right hand clap on the word fist hit the ribs, anterior knee turn play B knee fossa

Key points: walk straight to clap and also put in place.

2 pillow hand straight: B progress straight fist attack a face, a flat to boxing, and into the horse, left hand, right hand, turn the pillow hand fist hit its head word.

Key points: the pillow hand into the horse, on the word at the same time in place, can not be divorced from.

3 wings hands clap: B, direct attack a face, a right shoulder shoulder to boxing, also had left ring, right hand arm hands and left holding clap, clap each other.

Key points: shoulder hand holding the racket, to make full use of ring stepper horse power.

4 word boxing cut neck palm: a progress right head direct B, B shook his head to dodge, at the same time ago fist to attack a line, a right not to recover palm, straight cut its neck.

 Master Mai Tenglong actual combat Wing Chun martial art is based on Yip Man Yao's Wing Chun schools, Thai boxing, Sanda, taekwondo, set Jeet kune do essence adapted synthesis.


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