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The Nunchakus

  Nunchaku is also called "Ee Chul Bong(二节棍)" "Tahn Do Li Ga(短连枷)",It is a strange weapons handed down in ancient China,Nunchaku movement called stick, is the emerging fashion movement set fitness, self-defense, performance, competition in one, which is based on Chinese Traditional Wushu, integrate sword stick nine-section whip movement, music and dance elements can be added to the modern fashion. Both the combination of unarmed combat and combat the perfect instrument, and the gorgeous stage performances

  Nunchaku length of 72 cm, use the up motion like, like great winds sweep the leaves, carry the world before one, is the best weapon to break the siege. Nunchaku technology is divided into attack, defense, attack the three part. Action with countless changes, its move into split, sweep, play, drawing, and so on, pull. It can not only the attack on three road, road, and on the road (i.e., parts of the 5 inch heels or up and down) attack is particularly serious。Who hit who ached, and finally fell to the ground can not afford, lose the ability to resist. In addition, it can also capture the enemy weapon hinge. It is in attack, not only can be used to sweep, jab, jab and parry, also by surprise to strangle each other, once connected the nunchaku rope or chain around the neck of the other party, just a pinch, it will be the other strangled.

  Nunchaku is a concise and practical special weapon, it is small, practical. Skilled as arms and long, be a tiger with wings added.

The development course of nunchakus  

    1970 - 1973  Bruce Lee Kung fu movie began to spread across western europe. The legendary Kung Fu King Bruce Lee used a in his film, which fascinated: Nunchaku weapon. Because Bruce Lee the nunchaku is popular around the world, (in the United States of America was influenced by Bruce Lee, known as the world police American police also carry the nunchaku.) Nunchaku with Bruce Lee kung fu films influenced countless martial arts enthusiasts, because it is a kind of soft with hard, flexible band in the weapons, which can be up to, small, easy to carry, melee is characteristic of infinite, so widely spread in the world. In almost all European countries the hand-held weapons brought the impression of have never even heard of it. Bruce Lee's movies became a great success.

   Anyway, the nunchaku pop and valleys. In a street fight often found that people who use the nunchaku nunchaku, gradually become the owner of a criminal tendency. Young people often took the nunchaku, even they don't know how to use it. Soon, the Oriental hand-held weapons are popular as "strangle sticks", which is the definition of completely wrong, because this weapon was used against, certainly not for strangling. Unfortunately, today the misunderstandings still exist。In all parts of the world may find the nunchaku, although they are subtle changes. As an Asian nunchaku with wooden as much. More modern style also slowly began to appear, because the nunchaku is the most popular and most recognized martial arts. Gradually, the nunchaku changes varied. The foam or sponge, iron, steel, plastic, but most people adhere to the traditional style, use wooden nunchaku nunchaku, because originally wooden. This change is also reflected in the connection weight and stick, may be a piece of rope, may also be used in iron. Stick the diameter, length and chain length according to the user's preference and nunchaku in all parts of the style and different.


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