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Tenglong (Dragon) Knife


The Tenglong (Dragon) Sword

  Tenglong Sword(Dragon sword) is the foundation of Master  Mai Tenglong in Wing Chun octupole knife on the combination of Wing Chun combat own knife

  Dragon knife can use single, double knife can, double knife is the length of a long knife, a short, to a certain level, have no knife is OK, because the training is a program.

  Teng long knives by eight road (section). No walk the knife damage their own actions, people are too. Only with the kind of disciple.

  Teng long knife in his hands extended, is also expected to rival also hold weapons, solid this knife is the wildebeest, partial body.

 Boxing can beat, he hit ten fist to hit their own hands three boxing has succeeded, but the knife is different, it also can't fight, a fight could die, unless to perish together.

  In boxing in the requirements we catch not catch hand, in Dragon Blade just opposite, requires first catch hand. Because when I take? Double knife, opponents also holds the weapons, when the opponent to attack you, our enemy is not this man, but the weapon out of his hand, and weapon must hand than the long, solid necessary to cope with weapons to deal with the enemy......


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