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The Calligraphy

  Calligraphy, is the world's few text of all art forms, including Chinese Characters Calligraphy, Mongolian calligraphy, Arabic calligraphy. The "Chinese calligraphy", is a kind of Chinese traditional art form unique to Chinese characters.

  Chinese calligraphy has a long history of evolution, style, the art of calligraphy wonder charming. From the Oracle, the evolution and seal script, seal, official script, to the Eastern Han, Wei, Jin, regular script, running script, cursive, calligraphy has always exudes the charm of art.

  From the hieroglyphics to Oracle, Shang and Zhou dynasties, the spring and autumn and Han bamboo and silk red and black handwriting, Tang Kai testimonies, song Shang Yi, yuan and Ming Shang state, rubbing from a stone inscription of the controversy over evolution in Qing Dynasty calligraphy.

 1, the Qin Dynasty, the official script. The direction of simplification, the exchange of information. Apart from today already in 2200.

 2, in the late twentieth Century, Ke body. Qualitative change of Chinese characters culture art Ke body -- Ke curious

  The "Scholar 's four jewels

1. Writing brush

  Brush, brush holder of the general use bamboo regulation, pay attention to some of the owner is also useful for control, rhinoceros horn, ivory and gold and silver, that is the arts and crafts. The animal head was divided into soft (soft) health (hard) two categories, it is mainly soft wool made; key it with rabbit ridge Mao and weasel tail hair made of soft, it and health have mixed together called cents. The pen making intermediate a tuft of long have called the front, that is wrapped around a pen; it said the shorter as vice at. A good brush with sharp, Qi, round, health four advantages. Production of brush area, Tang Dynasty to the Song Dynasty, to Anhui, Xuanzhou is the most famous, produced Zihao (old purple rabbit hair) pen, as supreme quality goods, such as the price of gold. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as produced by Zhejiang Huzhou Shanlian town strict material selection, well-made brush is replaced, and so far.

 2.  Ink

   Ink appears very early, "said in his" calligraphy said: Zhou Xing Yi was ink, said to be the soot, is the Western Han Dynasty. The different raw materials, can be divided into the lampblack ink, paint, ink, Matsu Sumi smoke, soot with tung oil, raw lacquer, pine burning, made with Huang Mingjiao and musk, borneol etc.. During the northern and Southern Dynasties Yi, ink and paper are very famous Shan county.

3.  Paper

   Paper is one of the four great inventions of ancient China, the Western Han Dynasty tomb unearthed cultural relics have been hemp paper, but very rough. Since the Han Dynasty, are retained in the world of painting and calligraphy, with mulberry paper (also known as the Chinese painting and calligraphy paper), the Eastern Han Dynasty Cai Lun using a variety of raw materials and improved paper method, the paper quality and yield are greatly improved. Due to the widespread use of paper, Jinan Dili had ordered the abolished since ancient times, followed down the bamboo Jane, take history into comprehensive paper era. The paper industry is well developed, Xuanzhou paper, Jiangxi Linchuan paper thin slippery, Yangzhou Liuhe paper, Guangzhou bamboo raft, are good products.

4.  Inkstone

   Inkstone, which have been used in the Western Han Dynasty, Hubei Jingzhou Phoenix Shanxi tomb unearthed inkstone, our country tradition has four big inkstone, inkstone, inkstone, namely Taoyan, inkstone.



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