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Zen Healthy

Zen culture and health

  Buddhism (Zen) thinks that life is "eight sufferings". Life, old, disease, death is a kind of pain, love, hate to meet, and shall not, five Yin flourishing. What is love? Love people often cannot be happy together; what is love meet? I don't like people often will meet on on a narrow path; what is seeking not? What did not ask what the results. A result, his son, results no child. For what did not, afraid of what will come. This is just like in the computer lost fixed program, bad to worse. Our key to solve these problems is to rely on the understanding and practice. Clearance master (Fourteenth generation ancestor of Pure Land Buddhism) pointed out that the "practice" interpretation, "practice is will we revised the universe and life for the wrong idea, opinion, statement, approach to."

  Buddhism (Zen) requires us to do the "Sanford" -- "blessings, cherish, benefit." People want to longevity, first of all to self-cultivation, followed by Qi, is once again raise the shape. The Buddhist thought, human spirit is a fixed number, ill and aging are life consumption performance, if one could know what life can do, what not to do, to understand and to keep vitality, can delay the aging process of the individual.

  On earth there is something we can't see, not equal to no; some of the things we see, or is it just a superficial. A father and son dialogue philosophy is profound, worthy of taste: the night can't see the stars, star is not does not exist?. Why not see the stars? Dark clouds to the star block. In the cloudless day, why not see the stars? The sun is too strong, put all the stars are covered. You know, the light is a wall, a wall of the naked eye cannot see through the wall, it can confuse our eyes, also can lose our direction. With good knowledge, we still put the arrogant airs with an open mind to learn!

  "Time at the outdated regrets; hair don't learn the white-haired regret; ANN doesn't interest Diseaese regrets; rich not frugal with poor regret; unfilial parents old regrets; victims do not help regret something; satyric regret gambling caused by the disaster; the bribery crime." Among them, an interest rate not regret when sick, that is to say when in good health we must pay attention to maintenance, health, prevent disease. The traditional Chinese culture and the "don't treat the disease preventive treatment of disease" argument agree without prior without previous consultation. Black hair and white hair regret not to learn, finite time urged everyone to cherish the hair. The young white hair phenomenon also warned we must pay attention to the maintenance of the body. Unfilial parents old regrets, is said to cherish their lives and for parents' day, parents once gone, even every day high burn incense and kowtow again have what use?

  The Buddhist mentioned the four people can be longevity

    The first person who is conscious of people

    The second kind of person is calm person

    The third kind of person is muddleheaded to old people

    The fourth kind of person is heartless people


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