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Yoga Meditation

The Yoga Meditation

  Yoga "(English: Yoga, India:???) is the Sanskrit transliteration, is from India Sanskrit" Yug "or" yuj ", meaning" self "(Atma) and" Brahma "(Brahman) with (the Union) or (one - ness) comments. The ultimate purpose of yoga system is to help people realize the Vatican I one yoga realm.

  In the past no written records of ancient times, yoga is to teach by precept and example mentoring teaching mode of inheritance. Great yoga guru for mercy and compassion, not return to the techniques and steps of yoga to the world, so that people can through yoga the eternal wisdom, reached the highest level of health and happiness. Yoga to learn effectively, a lifelong benefit, yoga is known and popular, the secret is to body, heart, mental health and peace, are very systematic, scientific, and can stand the test of time. Yoga is a science with physical movement worldwide, its theory is suitable for different race, nationality, gender or religious people, any people practice yoga techniques, can benefit from

The eight limbs of yoga:
  In order to achieve the "control" of the heart, "Yoga Sutra" put forward eight kinds of method, also known as the "eight branch method". These exercises are:

 1, restraining, finger must abide by discipline, including not to kill, do not steal, honest, not her, not greedy. "Yoga Sutra" think, before yoga, one must have good moral cultivation, otherwise, his heart is not calm.

 2, to persuade the system, which shall comply with the code of ethics, including (1) clean (on the body and the food is clean, "the net"; on the inner dirt clean, as the "net"), (2) content (not for their own foreign objects), (3) the ascetic (stand hunger, thirst, cold, summer-heat, sit, stand the pain, keep it, tour, etc.), an oath ring (4) to read (classical learning, recite the holy tone -- om "Om"), (5) God (Ishvara and God, for God give everything).

 3, by law, maintain body is smooth, easy, relax. Including the lotus seat, sit, sit, the auspicious lion sat, peacock sat etc..

 4, pranayama, refers to the adjustment and control of breathing. "Yoga Sutra" pointed out, three kinds of function of breath when the first pay attention to breathing: inhale, exhale outwards inward role role, do not spit not absorbing long gas reservoir in chest and abdomen will in effect. In addition, but also pay attention to four things: (1) "office", refers to the atmosphere after inhalation, breath may arrive at the chest and abdomen within range; after the breath out, breath to anywhere in the universe. (2) "," a time to breathe. Requirements in the expiratory breathing process, must maintain a moderate speed, rhythm and decent interval. (3) "number", refers to the number of breaths. Air inlet must request the soft light, avoid short, coarse urgent. (4) "on the border", refers to the problem of aligning, breathe, will be focused on one point, can not be dispersed.

 5, business sense, refers to the suppression of the senses, the senses under control on the heart activities.

 6, hold, is a place to make their mind to the body, such as the navel, the tip of the nose, tongue end; an object can also focus on the outside, such as the moon, god.

 7, meditation, or meditation, is the focus of a heart of unity, and object focus is the subjective and objective combination.

 8, samadhi, is really the heart and focus Pluto as a. Samadhi is divided into two types: "want to samadhi" and "no want to samadhi". The former, refers to achieve samadhi, still with a certain thought emotional state. The latter, refers to all the changes and role of the heart has been broken off, and the object of concentration can reach the state of oneness, which is the highest realm of yoga.

  Yoga and other sports in the incorrect practice will bring some harm to the body, need to practice yoga under the guidance of professionals.


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