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 1--Year Program     [ March 6, 2015 ] 

 2015  Summer Camp     [April 1, 2015]   

 3--Years Program      [ June 1, 2015 ]  

  Academy Preparation for  Foshan Fifth Kung Fu. Sanda Tournament   [September 20, 2013]

 Master Mai won the southern style boxing champion       [December  21, 2009]

 Tenglong Chan Wu door in Bruce Lee Park                   [ October 27, 2011 ]

 Master Mai  to commemorate the 1499 anniversary of the birth of Madam Xian           [ December 20, 2011 ]

 Teaches foreign students painting                      [ August  6, 2012 ]

 Master Mai  performing dragon boxing and Jeet kune do at school                 [ November  29, 2012 ]

 Master Mai released                       [ January 26,  2013 ]


   Moving to the new academy ( Hulu Mountain )

  On April 15th, 2014, we moved to the new self-built facility which we started to preparatory since mid January 2014. The new facility enables us to provide better living and training for foreign students. 

   July 1st, 2009

  Hello, and welcome to the News section of Foshan Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy!

  In this section of the website you will find updates on the school, the website, etc.The first update we have made to the website is adding this News section, a section devoted to Articles, and an FAQ.

  On September first this year Master Mai and Master Zhang  started the first traditional learning program for foreigners.It is a 1 year program for students and a 3 year program for those who are interested in becoming teachers.Look for an article covering the first month of training in the upcoming days!

  We will soon be altering and adding new information and media to the website including pictures, videos, etc., so stay tuned!

   We hope that you enjoy.


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