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Wing Chun Kung Fu

    Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the  Chinese Traditional  Kung Fu, Wing Chun Kung Fu including Wing Chun Boxing and Wing Chun Qigong. Wing chun boxing main hand type of Eichhornia boxing, Willow palm, boxing routines are mainly Siu Nim Tao , Chum Kiu and Biu Tze boxing and the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy . The basic way to three by hand, and the hand down hand, Liao, row broken hand, sink bridge, sticky. The main step is horse, horse Siping two words, after the horse, horse, independent step down. It is a collection of home of boxing and nearly a dozen in boxing. It is based on actual combat, with moves, flexible, changeable punch elastic, short narrow bridge horse, good hair electricity as the main character, to flash side, small pitch, plow stopped spreading wings, touch down stroke, the potential for simplicity, hand to stay in the way, to form a cross, sink, footwork,, shoulder, wrist and finger mark, sticky, touch, iron swing, steal, leakage and "two Tong sheep horse" as a symbol. With the hand-bridge sensitive skin feeling, develop the Electricity power’s  in boxing .   

    Qi Guiyan  is the main Wing Chun Kung Fu Qigong ", according to the basic principle of Damour muscle-bone strengthening exercise", combined with the practice and originality. The trainer with special shape and the relaxation method to the human body the viscera and meridians and acupoints, the matter element space, strengthen the function of the human body through a "breathing" or "guide", promote blood circulation, maintain blood flourishing Qigong

    According to 《Wing Chun Kung Fu origin》 the Yip man write, Five Shitai is the Wing Chun white crane maste. Since the burning Shaolin Temple, South Shaolin Wu Lao also went their separate ways.. Perfection Zen master legend fled to Guangzhou, thus become the Guangdong Yongchun Pai Wushu (non Wing Chun) into the patriarch red boat "pot head", Hence the legend a segment and with Liang Erdi "with a boxing for stick" story.. Therefore, the modern history of Guangdong confirmed, Wing Chun Boxing and the vast majority of "Southern Shaolin martial arts", Such as "South Shaolin” martial arts Hong Boxing ,CaiLiFo Boxing,Liu Jia, Mo Jia and other bosing,  the real birthplace in Guangdong Foshan。

    A galaxy of talents cultivation of
Yip Man  disciple, One of the most famous is to let the Chinese martial arts world famous martial arts superstar Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee had been with Yip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu learning .Can say, Bruce Lee and Wing Chun has a close relationship.

    Current source  genealogy【
Wing Chun Kung Fu Source Table

    About the origin of Wing Chun Kung Fu not textual research, According to Yip Man said Mr. Liang Bochou in the Yunnan-Guizhou border married Yan Yongchun,to Wing chun boxing . After the boxing and family nephew Liang Langui. Langui , After Liang Langui punches and red boat Huang Huabao. Ever since Huang Huabao had written records can be textual research.



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