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1 Should I begin preparing myself physically for training before coming?

2.Shall I bring the personal neceities with me?do you offer beddings?

3. Can I have internet set up in my room? Are there internet bars located nearby?

4.Study after graduation, Can i go back to my country to teach Wing Chun Kung Fu?

5.Can I work at the school or elsewhere during my study in order to have extra spending money during

6.Should I make reservation by ahead payment ?

7.Should I get any vaccinations before coming?

8.Do I need to be able to speak Chinese?

9. I was only provided a visa for a fraction of my intended stay at the school, can I extend my visa at the school?

10. What should I do in order to prepare for entering China?

11.Shall I enter your school at special time or anytime of the year?

12.in the school's training is a typical day?

13.How can I pay the tuition?

14. I also have a kungfu school in Australia can I invite a master from your school here to teach genuine wing chun kung fu?

15.I am vegetarian, is that a problem?

16.How about the Visa?

17.What is the weather like?

      —— For any other questions,please feel free to contact us.

1.Should I begin preparing myself physically for training before coming?

There is no real need to prepare yourself physically before arrival.

just your clothes,computer etc.We offer beddings,tooth brush,washing power power ,shampo and towels.

Students who plan on bringing laptops can have internet set up in their rooms (note: this is not a service provided by the school, so all costs must be covered by students). Also,, there are many Internet bar not far from our school
Sure, we hope that more people understand and learn the Wing Chun Kung Fu, we will help you to realize.
Foshan is a very developed city, if you have expertise can easily find work here.
You do not have to but we advise you to do that if you want to come from April to October during which our rooms are limited. If you need our invitation letter or Visa Application Form reservation has to be made to prove that you will for sure come to our school to study not for other purposes.
Most students that come to the school do not get vaccinations before coming. This is up to your personal preference.
No, the masters all can speak english , we are constantly learning and studying to better our communication with students
Our school will help you extend a visa,,It is very easy.
All persons intending to enter The People's Republic of China from outside countries must first have a valid passport and a Chinese visa.
Our school is open all the year around and you can come begin to study at any time except for our special recuit programe,like 3-year programe which begins at special time and the training is very hard.
in the morning training started at 7:20 in the morning, qigong, Tai chi. The morning class is from 9:30 to 11:30, is normally provided by the foundation for an hour or two (packet Bu, Interlink Boxing, Wing Chun training, actual competition.). Based on knowledge, students continue to learn new movements, practice what they have learned from their study or as a group or individually. Afternoon training from 3 points to 5 points, and the operation is similar to a class in the morning. An evening course is from 19:30 to 21:30. (Note: as the seasons change. Change time).
You can pay the fee uppon your arrival, The most secure, and convenient way to pay your tuition is by wiring it directly to Master Zhang. Once you have wired your tuition, please contact Master Zhang to let him know. Also, please make sure that when entering bank account information that all the information that you provide is correct.
We are glad to do that and willing to undertake any kinds of cultural exchange activities with international organizations to make new friends and promote Wingchun kung fu.
All meals have vegetarian options. Generally there are about 5-8 plates of different foods to choose from during meals, with only one or two of them consisting of meat. Any special dietary concerns should be communicated to Master before arrival to better accomodate st.
you have to prove that you will for sure come to our school by reservation payment.We do this under the requirement and regulations of the Public Ministry of China because if we issue you the invitation letter you get your visa but if you come to china undertake some crimes our school will be accused of since we are your responsible body in China. If you apply for the travel visa you do not need our invitation letter and your short-valid tour visa can be extended as long as you study in our school. We also have the authorization to procure you the overseas student visa or jw 202 visa from the Foreign Affairs Department of Chinese government for the long-term students but we need your admission proof.
The summer is warm. Spring and autumn are gentle, very comfortable. The winter generally at about 10 degrees.


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